Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mark Lanegan & Beth Orton - "Your Kisses Burn"

Photo by Steve Gullick
In one of the more interesting collaborations I've heard lately, Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees) has teamed up with Beth Orton to cover Marc Almond's "Your Kisses Burn," which was a duet with Nico in 1988. It also happens to be Nico's last recording. The track is undeniably haunting, with Lanegan's gruff vocals mixing with Orton's softer, more traditionally pleasing voice, much like his frequent collaborations with Isobel Campbell. Musically, it's very orchestral and electronic sounding, more on the lines with Orton's 90s work than her more recent folky side. It's definitely an interesting mix and a must listen for fans of either.

You can listen to Mark Lanegan and Beth Orton's cover of "Your Kisses Burn" below. The track is part of Heavenly Recordings 25th anniversary releases. You can download it on their website. For more information on Mark lanegan, check out his website, and for Beth Orton, head over to hers.

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