Friday, July 31, 2015

Sweet Baboo - "You Got Me Time Keeping"

Photo Credit: Kirsten McTernan
I've had to come to terms with liking Sweet Baboo. His music is a little too polished and pop for what I normally like, and, quite frankly, I normally hate typical pop music. But Sweet Baboo is just a little different. Somehow the Brits have this ability to make straightforward pop that's just quirky and odd enough that it can still be interesting. "You Got Me Time Keeping" starts off super sunny and sweet, almost a 60s pop throwback. It changes into this heavily orchestral track, which keeps changing to the point where I lost track of how many different songs it could have been. By the end, it's back to the original sunny pop song. It's one of the most brilliant pop songs I've heard in years.

You can watch the video for "You Got Me Time Keeping" below. Sweet Baboo's new album, The Boombox Ballads, is due out August 14 on Moshi Moshi. Of course, he has a website and a Facebook that you should check out.


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