Thursday, January 5, 2017

Dikembe (with Carly Commando of Slingshot Dakota) Covers Superdrag

Superdrag's Regretfully Yours is one of my absolute favorite albums from the 90s. It's such an underrated slice of pure post grunge power pop perfection. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Superdrag singer John Davis never liked the album, but if that's true then he's just wrong. Way back in 1996, a then unknown Superdrag opened for Letters to Cleo at Brandeis University. Standing out in the cold behind the venue talking with Letters to Cleo (as one does in their late teens/early 20s), Superdrag played us all a track they had just recorded and wanted us to hear. That song was "Sucked Out."

"Sucked Out" shares a special little place in my heart, so it's great to see a newer band giving it the respect it deserves. To kick off their "Covers 2017" project, Gainesville, Florida's Dikembe have chosen "Sucked Out," and given it the respect it deserves. They brought in Carly Commando of Slingshot Dakota to help out on vocals, and the result has this friends singing karoake together feel. It's a blast to listen to, and has already made me break out Regretfully Yours multiple times today alone.

You can listen to Dikembe's version of "Sucked Out" below. To download a free copy, and to keep informed on all new updates on their "Covers 2017" project, head on over to their Bandcamp. For more on Dikembe, check out their website.

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