Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Deleter - "Start to Watch"

Photo by Deleter
It's been a little while since we've heard from Minneapolis' Deleter, but luckily for us all they're back with a new song and soon a new EP. Meaningless Chants is the most outwardly political release from Deleter comprised of "... five anthems of the absurd for an absurd time." The first song from Meaningless Chant, "Start to Watch," is still right in Deleter's vein of modern post punk, but it's a lot poppier than 2015's Oblique Seasons was. Even though this term grates on me, I'm going to call it post pop-punk. It's angry, but you'll get pulled into it's catchy hooks and bop along to it long before you even care what they're raging against.

Deleter's new EP, Meaningless Chants, will be available on cassette and digital download on January 21st on Land Ski Records. For more on Deleter, check out their Bandcamp and Facebook.

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