Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Funeral Advantage - "CEOT7K"

We were pretty big fans of Funeral Advantage's 2015 release Body Is Dead, and judging by the first single of their upcoming album, Please Help Me, this is an early candidate for album of the year. "CEOT7K" isn't a huge departure from The Smiths meets The Stratford 4 dream pop sound of Body Is Dead. In fact, it's not a departure at all, but instead a giant leap forward. "CEOT7K" is gorgeously lush. I have always had a connection to music that sounds light and pretty but is actually sad and dark. Please Help Me comes from a much darker place than Body Is Dead. Allow me to quote Funeral Advantage's Bandcamp page for the album:

If 'Body Is Dead' came from a place of hope, 'Please Help Me' comes from a place of desolation and confusion. Written during the disintegration of a long term relationship, the record works through the existential feelings of hopelessness and meaninglessness that followed. 

Please Help Me will be available on February 24. You can pre-order a copy via Bandcamp. Make sure to listen to "CEOT7K" below, and check out some tour dates below that. For more information on Funeral Advantage, check out their website.

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