Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Canshaker Pi - "What You're Trying To Say"

Photo by Nick Helderman
Canshaker Pi's latest song, "What You're Trying To Say," should be a complete trainwreck. Well... to be fair, it kind of is, but that's what makes it so brilliant.

"What You're Trying To Say" starts off in that moody and melodic realm of indie rock that Slint perfected. And from there they just dial up the noise and aggression throughout the song, all without really getting faster or playing any harder. It's done through increasing the noise level at different points, often to completely uncomfortable levels and amounts. By the end, everything is just going full on all at once in a crescendo of (mildly) organized chaos. This isn't an easy listen, and if you're playing this around people that aren't like-minded musically as yourself, you'll probably get asked what the hell you're listening to. But that's just their loss.

The single release for "What You're Trying To Say" will be February 3rd via Excelsior Records. You can watch the video for the song below. For more on Canshaker Pi, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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