Friday, January 13, 2017

Slowdive - "Star Roving"

Photo by Ingrid Pop
Slowdive have always made me feel like such a poseur. Of course I know Slowdive, and of course I love them. But they've always been one of those bands that I always seem to forget about, and then when I'm reminded I wonder why I don't listen to them constantly. Considering yesterday they released their first song in 22 years, I'm going to be reminded of them much more regularly over the next year, which is fine by me. The shoegaze legends skipped the early 2000s nu-gaze movement and have been brought out of retirement in the current shoegaze resurgence. Coming back after two decades is always a tricky thing, but, judging by "Star Roving," Slowdive's return will be epic. It's not reminiscent of 90s shoegaze, it's like a lost Slowdive song has just resurfaced. I absolutely can not wait for this new album.

You can watch the video for "Star Roving" below. You can purchase your own copy of the song here. For more on Slowdive, be sure to check out their website.

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