Thursday, January 12, 2017

Boston Calling's 2017 Line Up

So far, the line ups for the 2017 festival season have been... let's just say disappointing. With the exception of Shovels & Rope's High Water Festival, it just seems like every other festival has given up on even trying. Festivals aren't being curated anymore, it's just grab every band that you can. Plus, I don't even know half of the bands on the line ups, and even though we're old guys here, we're not THAT out of touch.

Well, god bless the 2017 Boston Calling festival. Just when it seemed like they were giving up on the old guys and just going for what the kids ages 12-22 were listening to, this morning they released this line up. There are a ton of If It's Too Loud... approved bands, plus not only a mixture of old and new artists, but an actual diverse line up. No genre feels like it's just an add on: everything is equally represented (ok, maybe not country, but we can deal with that). Seriously, check out the line up below. Classic alternative (Buffalo Tom! Tool! Weezer! Piebald! Sigur Ros!!!), hip hop (Run the Jewels! Flatbush Zombies! Chance the Rapper!), folk (Brandi Carlile! Hiss Golden Messenger! Bon Iver!), and more. This just could be the line up of 2017.

Boston Calling tickets are available now. For more information, check out

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