Monday, January 16, 2017

Joel Gion - "Tomorrow"

Photo by Lilly Creightmore
Joel Gion is best knows as a percussionist for The Brian Jonestown Massacre, but he has started emerging on his own as a singer and songwriter. Gion's upcoming sophomore album is due to be released something in the spring of this year, but before that, he has a new single coming out on January 27. "Tomorrow" was recorded early in 2016, and was critical of the Democratic party's campaigns. Looking back at the 2016 election, it's more about still being able to enjoy life no matter how ridiculous the world gets around you. While it's not quite as psychedelic as his other band is known to get, the song is groovy as hell in its own right. The forthcoming album was recorded in between multiple legs of The Brian Jonestown Massacre's touring schedule, and features multiple members of the band helping out.

You can listen to "Tomorrow" below. You can get a copy over on Bandcamp. For more on Joel Gion, check out his website and Facebook.

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