Monday, January 22, 2018

Poster Children - "Grand Bargain!"

Photo via Facebook
Poster Children are one of those bands I almost forget about, despite the fact that they were part of the greatest triple bill I'll ever see (Built to Spill, Poster Children, and Jack Drag, Bowery Ballroom 1998). Then maybe once or twice a year I remember and go on a crazy full day binge of listening to nothing but their albums. Well, they're coming back with their first new album in fourteen years and a new single, "Grand Bargain!" Granted, I'm not a Poster Children expert or anything, but "Grand Bargain!" seems much more angry and political than I remember them being. he opening line is "America held hostage: Day 1." It's this fierce punk blast with swirling, vicious punk guitars and ranting, spoken word/screaming vocals. This is the kind of song the world needs right now.

You can listen to "Grand Bargain!" below. Poster Chidren's new Steve Albini recorded album, also called Grand Bargain!,  is available for pre-order now on PledgeMusic. It will be out on May 18. For more on Poster Children, check out their website.

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