Friday, January 5, 2018

Jodee Lewis - "Buzzard's Bluff"

Photo by Heather Hornbeak
As what is considered country gets more and more popular in the mainstream, there is also a resurgence of throwback country that harkens back to the roots of how country started. Jodee Lewis will be considered that, but she truly has a unique sound. Her latest single, "Buzzard's Bluff," has the feel of old school country in the vein of Merle Hagard and Dolly Parton, but is just a bit too pop to be old school. That's not to say that Lewis is the modern definition of pop country, since she actually sounds like, you know, country. The song ends with a killer fiddle solo, so it can't truly be pop. "Buzzard's Bluff" is one of the few songs that new and traditional country fans might be able to agree on.

You can listen to "Buzzard's Bluff" below. The album Buzzard's Bluff will be out in April. For more on Jodee Lewis, check out her website.

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