Thursday, January 4, 2018

Boston Calling 2018 Looks Pretty Great

This is apparently the week that every single major festival is going to announce their line ups, and most have been rather... underwhelming. I know that middle aged dads aren't exactly the target audience for music festivals, but we like to think we're "with it" here. Regardless, I've only seen about 3-5 artists per festival that I've cared about, and that has gone down as I realize that the Belly they've booked is the wrong Belly.

That's why we're excited about Boston Calling this year. The headliners aren't all that thrilling (pretty sure Eminem is playing every festival this year, but yay for Jack White!) and of course The National are playing,  but as you go down the poster we start getting more intrigued. Fleet Foxes, St. Vincent, and The Decemberists are beloved by young and aging hipsters, plus they booked the right Belly and Pussy Riot. You go even further down and find Big Thief and Charly Bliss, who have been two of our favorites the past couple of years. Way down on the bottom line is the most exciting for us, with Third Man Records' artist Lillie Mae in what I believe is her first New England performance, and our beloved local indie rockers Weakened Friends and hip hop stars STL GLD. 

Boston Calling is selling early ticket packages now. For more information on Boston Calling, check out their website.

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