Tuesday, January 9, 2018

First Listen: Recent New Releases

Hey, thanks! I missed you guys, too!

We had a few new releases this weekend, so a quick hit of some of the Christmas break releases before the floodgates open back up.

Artist: Computer Magic
Album: Super Rare
Quick Description: B-sides/rarities collection from the indie electronic artist.
Why You Should Listen: Computer Magic is always great, and even her non-album stuff is solid.
Overall Thoughts: No complaints here - even as a b-sides collection, this scratches the itch of what I needed from Computer Magic when it came out. No specific highlights, but it doesn't matter: if you like the lo-fi indie electronic stuff, this is worth listening to right now.
Recommendation: A good listen.

Artist: Jeff Rosenstock
Album: POST-
Quick Description: Latest album from the indie power popper.
Why You Should Listen: Rosenstock has now put out three straight solid listens.
Overall Thoughts: Jeff Rosenstock is great. I loved his last album, and POST- is different enough to feel new and fresh while still having a lot of the same style and substance that has made Rosenstock's solo career so great. "All This Useless Energy," "Powerlessness"... it's all great. And? At least for now? You can download it for free. So go do that.
Recommendation: A solid listen to start the new year.

Artist: The Dogs
Album: The Grief Manual
Quick Description: Loud, brash rock music.
Why You Should Listen: The Christmas carols have you looking for something heavier.
Overall Thoughts: This isn't really my thing, but Ken sent this over and I have to say, it definitely felt different than anything else I'd heard recently. It's a little uneven, and might be that spot where it's too much for some people but not enough for others. Still, if you're looking for new music...
Recommendation: ...it's worth a try.

Artist: Lemuria
Album: Recreational Hate
Quick Description: Latest from the alt-rock act.
Why You Should Listen: They're well in line with current trends.
Overall Thoughts: In what was a year of so many great female-fronted alt-rock albums, Lemuria ended the new year with a pretty solid effort. If I'm being honest, it probably wouldn't have changed my best of the year calculus, but it definitely deserves more attention given that it came out in such a late time of year. If a song like "Christine Perfect" doesn't get you going, I'm not really sure why you read this blog at all.
Recommendation: Definitely one of the great listens of the last six weeks.

Also out:

* Blake Rules and Netherfriends - Kids Trap 2 (absurdity that does what it says on the tin)

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