Thursday, January 4, 2018

Olden Yolk - "Takes One to Know One"

Photo by Daniel Dorsa
We were huge fans of Quilt's 2016 album Plaza. While we wait for something new from Quilt, we can at least bring you something Quilt adjacent. Shane Butler, of Quilt, is about to release the debut album from his project with Caity Shaffer, Olden Yolk. Right now we have one song from that album. "Takes One to Know One" melds a few different genres. It has a definite folk feel to it, but has far too much noise and psychedelia to be considered folk, even freak folk. It reminds me a lot of late period Sonic Youth, where there were some jam elements to their noise, which had taken a decidedly more chilled out approach. The eight minute length of the song doesn't hurt any Sonic Youth comparisons. It also has a bit of James Jackson Toth's various incarnations of Wooden Wand. It's an intriguing sound that makes us look forward to February.

You can watch the video for "Takes One to Know One" below. Olden Yolk's self titled debut album will be out February 23 on Trouble In Mind. For more on Olden Yolk, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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