Monday, January 29, 2018

Jane Blanchard - ENEMY

When you start listening to the new EP from Edinburgh's Jane Blanchard, you're going to pigeonhole her as an atmospheric singer/songwriter. But as you get further into "Enemy," the title track from the EP, you'll realize how wrong you are. It starts off as pretty standard singer/songwriter material, albeit with slightly blown out vocals. Then, towards the end the noise starts and you'll discover it's something special. "22" is just a great straighforward alt-rock song, the kind you don't realize you miss until you stumble on one. "HIDING OUT" mellows it back out a bit, but with a quiet intensity, and more noise than most people dare to put on a quiet song. ENEMY is a release that veers just to the left of the mainstream, and that's a perfect place to be.

You can listen to "HIDING OUT" below. ENEMY is available now on Jane Blanchard's Bandcamp. For more information on Jane Blanchard, check her out on Facebook.

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