Thursday, January 25, 2018

Live Shows: David Wax Museum, House Concert, Somerville, MA 1/22/18

I've been following David Wax Museum for almost eight years now. They've spread their music throughout the country playing a ton of house shows, but never really did it in the Boston area. Last week, they announced a duo house show tour in New England, with a number of Boston area shows. I obviously needed to attend one.

For those that have never attended a house show, it can be a bit awkward since you're milling around in a stranger's living room waiting for a band to start playing. However, it's worth any awkwardness since it's such a unique and intimate way to see one of your favorite bands live. I've seen David Wax Museum play in a variety of size clubs, at outdoor festivals big and small, but seeing them play in a living room in front of roughly 30 people was a special way to see them. The barrier between audience and performer is completely gone, and it's a far more interactive and personal experience. Suz and David were much more loose, and expanded the between song banter quite a bit. They shared stories of recording their first album, an awkward house show, being mistaken for a homeless family at a rest stop at the end of their last tour, etc. 

As far as the music, this was somehow my first time seeing David Wax Museum as a duo, and it was a great way to experience them. Even a song like "Unfruitful" is a completely different animal with just the two of them performing. They brought out favorites like "Yes, Maria, Yes" and "Born With a Broken Heart." The two also debuted a pair of brand new songs that were perfect and exactly what you're hoping they will be. (They were a bit harsh on themselves for one of the songs, but there was no need to be.) 

David Wax Museum have a few more shows on their New England duo house show tour. To see if you can make one, check out their website.


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