Monday, October 21, 2019

Gork - "That's Plastic Mate"

An ode to recycling doesn't sound like the basis of a great song, but it's 2019, so who even knows how the world works anymore, right? Hailing from Bristol, Gork's new song "That's Plastic Mate" is simply weird. It has the backbeat groove of post punk, but it's a noisy psychedelic song, that's also some form of pop. Imagine Frank Zappa partying with Ween and Gang of Four, and you might end up with "That's Plastic Mate."

Guitarist/vocalist Ed Soles says of the song: "Little Bruce lived a normal life, unaware of our plastic oceans. Some say he ate too much fish, who knows maybe he did. Either way, he is an Evian bottle now. 'Plastic' warns parents everywhere of the dangers of this translucent lifestyle. If you don’t want baby Sarah or chubby Paul to wake up as a bottle then you best praise the bins and praise the recycling. That's plastic mate."

You can watch the video for "That's Plastic Mate" below. Class the new EP from Gork, will be out November 15 on Breakfast Records and Leisure Records. You can pre-order a copy here. For more on Gork, check them out on Facebook.

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