Thursday, October 24, 2019

Gabriel Birnbaum - "Mistakes"

Way, way, way back in January we brought you "Stack the Miles," the first single of Gabriel Birnbaum's (Wilder Maker) solo debut. Finally, nine months later we have a follow up single and album news. "Mistakes" is an oddly interesting song. It starts out in a fairly standard singer/songwriter format, but in the bigger, more rock way, while still having a folk base. It keeps that main sound throughout, but with these killer flourishes that don't exactly fit in. (And by flourishes, I mostly mean short solos.) It's not quite quirky, but this is more how I would expect Stephen Malkmus's solo work to sound at this point. The singer/songwriter thing can be a pretty paint-by-numbers format, so it's great to hear a song that stays true to the formula while branching out in its own directions.

You can listen to "Mistakes" below. Not Alone, the solo debut from Gabriel Birnbaum, will be out November 22. You can pre-order it here. For more on Gabriel Birnbaum, check out his website.

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