Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Friendly Rich - "Donkey Day"

Photo by Brittany Farhat
Friendly Rich's latest single has a very unique sound to it. "Donkey Day" is weird enough that I can only truly compare it to Tom Waits. But it's as if Tom Waits decided to rock and collaborate with Les Claypool. And the two of them tried to make a mainstream hit song. According to Friendly Rich "... is inspired by one of my favourite Canadian cities,   Guelph, Ontario. Once a year, on “Donkey Day,the animals are let loose throughout the city. It’s pure chaos, just like this tune." This might be the happiest song on the upcoming album, since the album has an "... overall theme of terrorism that’s woven throughout, to death, divorce, depression, religion..."

You can watch the video for "Donkey Day" below. WE ARE ALL TERRORISTS, the upcoming album from Friendly Rich, will be out November 1. For more on Friendly Rich, check out his website.

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