Thursday, October 10, 2019

Donna Blue - "Desert Lake"

Photo by Satellite June
The latest single from Donna Blue feels like it was unearthed by Quentin Tarantino and used in one of his films. "Desert Lake" feels like a 60's Spaghetti Western mixed with 60's groovy. It's like if Nancy Sinatra decided to make cowboy music. The duo is Danique van Kesteren and Bart van Dalen, who are also a couple. "Desert Lake" started with van Dalen whistling in the shower: 

"Next, we made a demo on our phone at home before taking it to the studio. At all done by the two of us, from beginning to end. We loved working with such an elaborate string section for the first time, it really adds to the mysterious mood."

You can watch the video for "Desert Lake" below. For more on Donna Blue, check out their website.

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