Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Butcher Brown - "Gum In My Mouth"

Photo by Jacob Bickenstaff
If you were a hip hop fan in the 90's, you have a soft spot for any hip hop/jazz hybrid. Richmond, VA's Butcher Brown are the latest in the long history of jazz/hip hop, and if you've loved any other artists in the genre, you're going to be smitten with "Gum In My Mouth." This latest song is a chill, laid back track with vocals up front and the music providing accompanying the vocals perfectly. It's rare to see an artist in hop hop meld vocals with the music so well, but Butcher Brown are hardly your typical hip hop group. According to their bio, they provide "... heady fusion of contemporary hip-hop, ‘70s fusion, ‘60s jazz and funk—even echoes of Southern rock and marching band music show up." That should pique everyone's curiosity, and chances are you're going to love this song.

You can listen to "Gum In My Mouth" below. #KingButch, the upcoming album from Butcher Brown, will be out September 18 on Concord Jazz. You can pre-order some pretty sweet bundles here. For more on Butcher Brown, check out their website.

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