Thursday, September 3, 2020

Benjamin Booker - "Black Disco"

Photo via Facebook
It's been three long years since we've heard anything new from Benjamin Booker. In that time he relocated to Australia and started a family, so it's safe to say he's kept busy. Now, he's finally given us some new music. "Black Disco" continues Booker's musical evolution. His debut album was a hyped up garage/blues rocker, and Witness was a bit more polished and smooth. This new song still has heavy blues elements, but it's virtually unrecognizable from his output six years ago. "Black Disco" is much slinkier, and while it's still strongly a rock song, there are some elements of pop and trip hop in here. According to a Facebook post about the new song, it's about anxiety which could explain the disjointed feel of the track. And I mean that in the best possible way.

You can listen to "Black Disco" below. The song is available on Benjamin Booker's Bandcamp with all proceeds going to the Southern Poverty Law Center. For more on Benjamin Booker, check out his website.

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