Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Mamalarky - "Schism Trek"

Photo by Sara Cath
Atlanta's Mamalarky caught our attention since one of its members is Livvy Bennett, former bassist for Cherry Glazerr. They also have one of the most unique formation stories we've heard in a while. Bennett had been living in Los Angeles for about a year, and was playing solo shows and as a duo with Mamalarky drummer Dylan Hill. They added Michael Hunter on keyboard and synth bass, but needed a full time bassist. That's when Bennett put out a call for a bassist on dating app Tinder, and met Noor Khan.

Their new single, "Schism Trek," is a synth heavy, retro cool track that still feels modern. Synth heavy typically means 80's, but Mamalarky take this retro sound and twist it around to sound completely 2020. It's all the hip factor of indie rock with zero of the pretense.

Livvy Bennett says of "Schism Trek":

"Schism Trek explores feelings of acceptance and strength while navigating uncharted waters," says Bennett. "At the time my bandmates and I were all touring in different projects and yearning for time with each other and our loved ones! But ultimately we all came out stronger as individuals and as a unit. It speaks to how unfair it is to be loving someone from a distance, and the grounding power of focusing inward and trying to let go of control during lonely, tumultuous times. Relax your jaw and love yourself, your time with friends will come soon!

You can watch the video for "Schism Trek" below. Mamalarky's self-titled debut album will be out November 20 on Fire Talk. You can pre-order a copy here. For more on Mamalarky, check out their website.

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