Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Felix Hatfield featuring Jolie Holland - "Nobody for Me"

No one is making music quite like Felix Hatfield. He started out in Vermont, and then moved out to Eugene, OR and is now in Portland, OR. His music is described as surrealist, and his latest single reflects that. "Nobody for Me" is based in fairly traditional folk, but through Hatfield's own unique lens. There's not one thing that makes "Nobody for Me" unique. It's not Hatfield's non-traditional voice or vocal delivery. It's not the interesting use of Jolie Holland for backing vocals, or the occasional horns that kick in. Or the barely there instruments than seem to meander in at will. It's how everything seems to blend together in such an interesting way, even though it sounds like it could all devolve into chaos at any moment. 

You can watch the video for "Nobody for Me" below. False God, the upcoming album from Felix Hatfield, will be out October 23. For more on Felix Hatfield, check out his website.

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