Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Jello Biafra and The Guantanamo School of Medicine - "WE CREATED PUTIN"

Photo via Facebook
I've been firmly on team Jello for decades now, and any new music we get from him is a treasure. He's one of the very few aging punk idols that hasn't mellowed in either politics or the ferocity of his music. While many others seem to get more and more embarrassing as their politics drift further and further to the other side, Jello seems to be getting more and more radical with age. Take his newest single with The Guantanamo School of Medicine. "WE CREATED PUTIN" is pretty blatant and unapologetic in its subject matter (Spoiler alert: Jello isn't a fan of Trump), and musically it's as subtle as a shotgun blast to the gut. If you were ever a Dead Kennedys or Jello Biafra fan in your youth and haven't started listening to stadium country and sharing memes about the kids these days, you're going to love what Jello is still up to. Do us all a favor and check this song out.

You can watch the video for "WE CREATED PUTIN" below. Tea Party Revenge Porn, the new album from Jello Biafra and The Guantanamo School of Medicine, will be out this Fall on Alternative Tentacles Records. For more on Jello Biafra, check out the Alternative Tentacles website.


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