Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Mint Green Covers Katy Perry

I'm admittedly not a Katy Perry fan. Nothing personal against her, it's just not my style. In fact, when I started playing Mint Green's cover of her hit "Teenage Dream," I wasn't sure I had ever heard it before. Of course, once the chorus hit, I realized that I have heard this song literally countless times. That could be at least partially that while the Boston band's cover is poppy as hell, it's not exactly Katy Perry poppy. Their Bandcamp profile describes their music as "Summery, angsty, alt-rock with punk influence and catchy choruses," and this cover captures that description perfectly. It's on the pop end of alt-rock, but it has an attitude and edge that Perry didn't have hers, while still having all the fun of the original.

You can listen to Mint Green's take on "Teenage Dream" below. The song is available for free on the band's Bandcamp. For more on Mint Green, check out their Facebook and Twitter.

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