Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Burp. - "My Back Hurts"

You know when you hear a song that you're just too old to listen to? Sure, you can still listen to dumb punk songs by bands like The Queers and Descendents because you can use the nostalgia factor, but when it's a new band in 2022 you can't get away with that. I almost didn't cover the latest from Burp. because of that, but "My Back Hurts" is much better than it wants to be. It's a song about accidentally going to a happy ending massage parlor with a chorus of "Please don't touch my balls," which is hardly what a middle aged adult with two children should be listening to... but that riff is just irresistible. It fits in that early Blink-182 meets noise rock sound I got sucked into back at their live show in June. This is one that you're definitely going to enjoy, even if it's in your car alone with the windows rolled up.

You can listen to "My Back Hurts" below. For more on Burp., check out the band on Instagram.

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