Tuesday, August 9, 2022

First Listen: New Releases for 5 August

Artist: Rachel Sumner and Traveling Light
Album: Rachel Sumner and Traveling Light
Quick Thoughts: Man, I loved this album. It has a lot of elements of progressive bluegrass and folk, but just the gorgeousness of it all makes it stand out. It's got a hint of darkness as well, which gives it a feel all its own. A really solid listen and bold statement in a quiet week.
Songs of Note: "Unrecorded Night," "Strangers Again," "Come Along, Rowan"

Artist: EDT
Album: It Was a Wave, Of Course
Quick Thoughts: EDT is the moniker of Emily Dix Thomas, a cellist with a super impressive resume for a variety of local favorites. This album, heavy on the gothic cello mood it sets, is really a beautiful record and might be one of my favorites of the summer. There's a starkness to it, and that sort of thin fragility lends itself to some very interesting and unique sounds and songs. Honestly, don't miss out on this one, it's truly stellar.
Songs of Note: "Blue," "Twilight," "A Wave, Of Course"

Artist: The Interrupters
Album: In the Wild
Quick Thoughts: The Interrupters continue to soldier on as if ska didn't leave our hearts just to come back in recent years. The musicians involved in The Interrupters are second-to-none, and the songs here are equal parts fun and familiar, serious and sober. A great listen whether you're letting your Vans collect dust in the closet or not.
Songs of Note: "Anything Was Better," "Raised by Wolves," "My Heart," "Worst for Me," "Let 'Em Go"

Artist: Cheekface
Album: Too Much to Ask
Quick Thoughts: Ah, Cheekface. This album is so absurd in so many ways, and yet probably makes much bolder statements this time around than they did on last year's effort. The end result is still a really solid record on a whole, and in many ways a step forward in their trajectory, so check it out.
Songs of Note: "When Life Hands You Problems," "We Need a Bigger Dumpster," "Featured Singer," "You Always Want to Bomb the Middle East"

Of note:

* The Brother Brothers - Cover to Cover (Great folky cover versions.)
* Art Moore - Art Moore (A lot of great moments here.)
* Mall Grab - What I Breathe
* Zach Jones and the Tricky Bits - Plastic Soul
* Guards - More Cover Songs
* Katie Doherty and the Navigators - Flow
* Cemetery Drive - the sun will rise


* KAYE - Neon God (ex-San Fermin, quite good.)
* Pussy Riot - MATRIARCHY NOW (Yes, that Pussy Riot, and it's great.)
* Rachika Nayar - Our Wretched Fantasy (Gorgeous electronic music that ends too soon.)
* Doechii - she / her / black bitch
* Gamblers - When We Exit
* Koven - Higher Ground (Part 1)
* Tobe Nwigwe - moMINTs
* Approaching Black - You Fill My Soul
* Juan Power (The Juan Maclean and Man Power) - Ramon's Return
* Jenny Moore's Mystic Business - The Piano Tapes, Vol. 1
* Tomato Flower - Construction
* Claire Rousay and More Eaze - a crying poem
* Tristan Arp and Kellen303 - Entangled Beings
* Georgia Ruth - Kingfisher

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Something Borrowed, Something New: A Tribute to John Anderson

Also out:

* T. Bone Burnett - The Invisible Light: Spells

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