Wednesday, August 17, 2022

KRS-One, AZ, & O.C. - "Represent the Real"

To celebrate hip hop's birthday, Irish collective Stylistic Murder commissioned legendary MCs KRS-One, AZ, and O.C. on the song "Represent the Real." The song is a perfect tribute to hip hop as an artform. It has a ton of references to the old school days of hip hop (including record scratches and classic hip hop samples) but it doesn't sound like a throwback song. "Represent the Real" is a modern song that pays tribute to the past. Plus, any time we get a new verse from KRS-One is something to celebrate. 

You can listen to "Represent the Real" below. For more on KRS-One, check out his Twitter. You can find AZ's Twitter here, and O.C.'s here.

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