Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Missy D - "Cool Down"

Photo by Sandstone Studios

My only complaint with the latest from Missy D is that it's coming out too late in the summer to be the Song of the Summer. "Cool Down" is the latest from the Canadian bilingual MC and combines hip hop, R&B, and soul in a way that's impossible to resist. "Cool Down" has some serious crossover appeal. If anything, it almost has too much as it leans a little further into the mainstream than I typically go. But when I say Missy D is irresistible, I truly mean it. This could easily be one of the rare radio songs that I actually enjoy, if the radio played songs this good.

Missy D says of her new song:

I often talk about all my feelings but often shy away from talking about joy. I want to change that and this song is just that. It’s just Missy feeling joy, having a good time and inviting you to the party. We worked hard, we cried but now meet us on the dance floor and leave it all out there! All sizes, shapes, shades you rock it! Embrace yourself, all that you are! It’s a summer jam, a bop, a feel good song, and most of all IT’S JOY! #blackjoy"

You can watch the video for "Cool Down" below. The song is available as a single via Birthday Cake, and can be found here. For more on Missy D, check out the artist's website.

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