Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Goat - "Under No Nation"

Photo by Tammy Karlsson

For the most part, press releases tend to use the same descriptors for bands. So when we see something completely new, we tend to pay attention. Goat are described as "Swedish psychic warriors," so obviously we're going to check it out. Their new single, "Under No Nation," is far funkier than anything we'd expect to hear from a Scandinavian country, plus it's a very dark funk. It's still a fun, groovy song you're going to want to move at least a little to, but there's an odd sense of menace in this one. Add in one of the greatest fuzzed out 60's proto-punk guitar solos you've heard in years, and "Under No Nation" is going to have you intrigued to hear more from Goat.

Goat says about their new song:

"This year Goat were invited to the Gods annual feast at the 'Round Table of Funk'. After a very wet evening, and after Goat was pretty funked up, we were handed the manuscript to 'Under No Nation', and ordered to play this divine 'funk' to the humans – as the gods felt the human spirit is in deep need to get grooving properly again!"

You can watch the video for "Under No Nation" below. Oh Death is due out October 21 on Rocket Recordings. The album can be pre-ordered here. For more on Goat, check out the band's Bandcamp. Upcoming tour dates are below the video.

November 8 / Hamburg / KnustNovember 9 / Cologne / KulturkircheNovember 10 / LiƩge / ReflektorNovember 11 / Kortrijk / Sonic City FestivalNovember 12 / Utrecht / Le Guess Who FestivalNovember 14 / Berlin / Festsaal Kreuzber

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