Monday, August 22, 2022

Lurid Purple Flowers - "Addict"

Photo by Josh Vong

Boston's Lurid Purple Flowers combine post-punk, dark alt-rock, and psych into their sound, but their latest single has a surprising level of pop hooks. "Addict" is dark. It's filled with swirling guitars and CA Newcomb's vocals are downbeat and surprisingly hypnotic. But, as with any band that truly understands their Nirvana influence, the song is oddly catchy. You would never hear "Addict" and think it sounds anything like a pop song on your first listen, but you're guaranteed to be humming along well before you memorize any lyrics. Lurid Purple Flowers are a band with a huge potential that you're going to want to keep watching.

Vocalist and guitarist CA Newcomb says of the new song:

“The song can be perceived in a lot of different ways. I want people to approach it without having a concrete idea of specifics and instead find meaning through relating to the lyrics and their own experiences. It’s definitely my favorite song so far and the hardest to play live.”

You can listen to "Addict" below. No Sympathy is due out in September. For more on Lurid Purple Flowers, check out the band's website.

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