Monday, July 3, 2023

Linnea's Garden featuring Carissa Johnson - "In the City"

Sometimes there is a musical collaboration that is so perfect you have no idea how you've gone this long without it. As soon as I heard Carissa Johnson was guesting on the new single from Linnea's Garden, I was immediately angry I had to wait to hear it. Now that it's out, it was totally worth the wait. "In the City" is a phenomenal song between two of the brightest Boston has to offer (even if Johnson has moved away from the city). The song features Herzog and Johnson trading off verses and joining for the chorus. It has all of the indie rock/punk/groove sound we expect from a Linnea's Garden song, and then piles some more on top for the fun of it. The song has a post-punk/New Wave vibe, leaning into bands like The Police and Blondie, and even injects some ska into the guitar. "In the City" might be the most fun song to come out of Boston this year, and has us desperately hoping for a hometown double bill to see it performed live properly.

You can watch the video for "In the City" below. For more on Linnea's Garden, check out the band's website. Carissa Johnson's website can be found here.

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