Friday, July 28, 2023

Witch Weather - "Don't Need"

Pennsylvania's Witch Weather started in 2013 when guitarist and vocalist Kaitlynn started off making music in her basement. Most of her lyrics focus on her experience being a transwoman, and Witch Weather (now including Juliann) is now described as a queer indie/punk/goth duo. Their new single, "Don't Need," fits that description perfectly. It reminds me of the modern dance friendly punk sounds of Mannequin Pussy, the indie noise of Sonic Youth, and the primal tones of The Stooges. It's the kind of song you simply can't ignore, and will inspire you to want to move in some form.

Kaitlynn says of the new single:

“'Don't Need' was me finally figuring out how to write an angry song. Normally when I try to do it the song turns into something sad and depressing but in this case we finally executed the way I would have liked. Especially on the album version of the track. Lyrically it's about being fed up with being taken advantage of. Recording the guitar solo made me want to explode, it's not hard to play by any means I just kept messing it up.”

You can listen to "Don't Need" below. Witch Weather's debut album is due out in October. For more on Witch Weather, check out their website.

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