Monday, July 24, 2023

3LH - "Blue Collar Blues"

Early, vintage rock and roll is a musical sweet spot of mine, so I'm obviously going to love 3LH. The southern California band have released a new single, "Blue Collar Blues." Much like their previous singles, it's a perfect mixture of surf rock, early rock and roll, and modern garage/punk. What's great about 3LH is even though their music is partially a throwback to music that is decades old, they still make it sound fresh. Sure, a song like "Blue Collar Blues" may hit some nostalgia buttons for us, but it still feels like you're discovering something new and exciting.

Frontman Rafa Heredia says of the new single:

"This is a song about self reflection after having maybe a pint too many at your favorite divey hole in the wall, it’s a callback to tracks like 'Alabama song (Whisky Bar)' by The Doors - the song lends itself to telling a fun twisted story while not taking itself too seriously."

You can listen to "Blue Collar Blues" below. The single is available now via My Grito Industries. For more on 3LH, check out the band on Instagram and Facebook.

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