Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Lovina Falls - "On Your Side"

Photo by Joan Hathaway

Mistle Thrush are one of those bands I keep forgetting about, and then rediscover every few years. If you've wondered what members have been up to lately, we now know that singer Valerie Forgione has a new musical project. Lovina Falls sees Forgione going in a new sonic direction. The latest single from her new album, "On Your Side," is more baroque pop than alt-rock. There are still the basic elements of 90's indie rock sprinkled throughout "On Your Side," and even some of the more pop focused side of trip hop. It's an interesting new direction for one of our favorite Boston 90's artists, and we're looking forward to see what other directions Lovina Falls goes in.

Valerie Forgione talks about what she's been doing since Mistle Thrush ended and her return to indie rock:

"I love writing, recording, and performing music, and have spent most of my life doing so. Since Mistle Thrush, I've been scoring for theater, independent film, and podcasts, and while it can be rewarding to work with directors and actors to set the tone or mood for a scene, much of it is solitary work. I missed being able to connect with people directly. And I really missed singing. The experience is unmatchable."

You can watch the video for "On Your Side" below. Calculating the Angle of Our Descent is available now on Bandcamp. For more on Lovina Falls, check out the artist's website.

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