Thursday, December 11, 2014

Juliana Hatfield Three - "If I Could"

Obviously, I have no idea what your day looks like, but you need to drop whatever you're in the middle of and listen to this new Juliana Hatfield Three song right now. It's the first single off their first album in over 20 years (Whatever, My Love due out February 17 on American Laundromat Records), and it's absolute perfection. I feel almost guilty saying this because it sounds like I don't absolutely love her output since 1993, but it somehow recaptures the magic of 1993's Become What You Are. It's as if they froze themselves in time 20 years ago, but still were able to mature and grow as artists. There is no possible way to be disappointed by this song.

You're obviously going to want to keep track of everything Juliana Hatfield Three related after hearing this. You can do that on her website, with tour dates in February and March to be announced soon.

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