Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ken's Top 10 of 2014 - #9: Ex Hex - Rips

Mary Timony's newest band, Ex Hex, continues on the fun, party vibe of her previous band, the supergroup of 90s indie fame Wild Flag. Rips is a fun as hell, upbeat album. It's not quite part of the indie dance music movement, but it's danceable as any of those will ever be. "Waste Your Time" and "How You Got That Girl" have a 60s girl group feel. "Beast" is pure mid-90s alternapop, like Velocity Girl or Belly. It's odd that the album doesn't remind me of Helium at all, since that was Timony's band at the same time of the other bands I keep mentioning. It might be because Helium were on the more rocking side of ethereal while Ex Hex are too fun to be called ethereal. The albums veers close to punk, but more like how the Ramones were punk while being a fun, catchy pop band.

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