Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mr. T Experience - "King Dork Approximately"

It's been 10 years since Mr. T Experience released any new music. In that time, they pretty much fell off my radar, which is surprising since Love is Dead was a staple on my college radio show. In the past 10 years, lead singer Dr. Frank has started writing YA novels under his real name, Frank Portman. One of them, King Dork, was successful enough to warrant a sequel, which comes out next week. In addition to the book King Dork Approximately, Mr. T Experience have a new single also called "King Dork Approximately." You can purchase the single through iTunes, or purchase a cassingle of the song as well, because why not, right? If you have any young adults in your life you'd like to gently nudge towards the pop punk sounds of Mr. T Experience and away from Taylor Swift or whatever else kids listen to these days, you might want to get them a copy of King Dork Approximately

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