Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Person & The People - What a Drag

Minnesota strikes again with yet another great band. The Person & The People released What a Drag back in October, and it might be the power pop record of the year. It's the kind of power pop that hasn't been made in decades, with influences ranging from Big Star to Weezer and Teenage Fanclub. This is the 2nd release from this group of high school friends, and their 1st on Land Ski Records.

"I Get Weird" is my favorite side 1 track 1 of the year. It comes in at less than 2 minutes, which is the perfect length for this catchy as hell with crunchy guitars track. "Vitamin C" is the lead single, and it sounds like a sequel to Fountain of Wayne's "Radiation Vibe." As close as the newest Weezer album is to a return to the classic Weezer sound, What a Drag comes closer. It's just a great group of noisy yet beautiful power pop songs.

What a Drag is out now on Land Ski Records. You can listen to it now on Bandcamp. I don't believe they have an official website, but you can always like them on Facebook. Check out their video for "NYC FREAKOUT" below.

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