Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Quarterly Report: Albums We Missed Along the Way

Clearing the deck on 2014 continues with a look at some 2014 albums we missed covering along the way. While I'd normally do a First Listen-style recap, the simple reality is that there are just far too many this go 'round to give the proper attention to, so instead, I'm going to split them into a few different buckets. Either way, while we wait for new releases to come back around in the new year, this might be worth some time for you to try something new:

Give these a listen:

* Ages and Ages - Divisionary
* Steve Dawson - Funeral Bonsai Wedding
* God Help the Girl Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (a different feel from the album from a few years ago)
* Quiet Life - Housebroken Man
* Lily and Madeleine - Acoustic Sessions
* Drab - Unicorn EP
* Olivia Jean - Bathroom Love Killings
* Knife Party - Abandon Ship (arguably the best electronic album of the year)
* Hem - The World is Outside

Might be worth a try:

* Hozier - Hozier ("Take Me to Church" is probably the worst song on the album, and the album is a little strange)
* You + Me - Rose Ave.
* Kiesza - Sound of a Woman (does not meet the heights of "Hideaway," still interesting)
* Lily Wood and the Prick - The Fight
* Sleeper Agent - About Last Night
* Diarrhea Planet - Aliens in the Outfield
* Greylag - Greylag
* Ex-Cops - Daggers ("Black Soap" is a great song)
* GRMLN - Soon Away

Consider avoiding:

* Broken Bells - After the Disco
* Colony House - When I Was Younger
* Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas - Secret Evil
* The Barr Brothers - Secret Operator
* Sleaford Mods - Chubbed Up (Sorry Ken, I just don't get it)
* Counting Crows - Somewhere Under Wonderland
* Peaking Lights - Cosmic Logic

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