Friday, December 12, 2014

Ken's Top 10 of 2014 - #6: Johnny Marr - Playland

When I first saw Johnny Marr was releasing solo albums and touring as a frontman, I didn't really care. How many guitar players have tried solo careers and embarrassed themselves? Who would go and see that besides Smiths die hards? Then I saw a video of him performing "How Soon Is Now?" and I realized that I wanted to see Johnny Marr live.

Playland, his latest solo effort, is absolutely fantastic. It's just a perfect slice of British pop that blends elements of the 80s, 90s, and even sounds completely current. Plus, the songs are fun. And you get that guitar sound that only Marr can get. There's a reason serious music outlets refer to him as Johnny Fucking Marr. If you get a chance, I implore you to see him live. I like to think of myself as above just wanting to hear the big, iconic megahits. But something about hearing those guitar riffs coming from the man who originated them was one of the best concert experiences I've had in years. You can have Morrissey and his cancelled concerts and boring as hell solo albums. I'll stick with Johnny Fucking Marr.

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