Tuesday, December 10, 2019

First Listen: New Releases for 6 December

Artist: Carmel Liburdi
Album: Yes! We're Open!
Quick Description: Smart, fun folk music.
Why You Should Listen: Liburdi knows how to make you feel like she's singing directly to you in a way few others can.
Overall Thoughts: I was turned onto this folk artist less than a week ago, and her 2017 EP brought a smile to my face. Turns out she has a new album out and guess what: it’s great! It’s fairly straightforward narrative folk, and this is the type of coffeehouse delivery that might be a turnoff to some audiences, but I fell in love with it right away. If you’re not charmed by this, I might have to ask whether your heart is encased in ice.
Recommendation: She could become your new favorite folkie.

Artist: Georgia Maq
Album: Pleaser
Quick Description: Folk music with plenty of modern amenities.
Why You Should Listen: This will surprise you over and over again.
Overall Thoughts: This is a really interesting listen. Also a folk record at its core, the up-front use of electronics and such make for an intriguing listen and give it a different feel, but one that shouldn’t be ignored.
Recommendation: A solid musical gift.

Artist: Heather Valley
Album: Desert Message
Quick Description: Solid, dusky roots music.
Why You Should Listen: It's music to drink to.
Overall Thoughts: There’s a song on here called “Nightmericana” that probably does a good job describing this album in the sense that there is a darkness here that is subtle and dreamlike, but still something you want to experience. I’m always into the sort of barroom-style country that comes around, and this one grabbed me real good from start to finish.
Recommendation: A nice end-of-year listen for sure.

Artist: tunnel traffic
Album: Age of Convictions
Quick Description: Understated indie rock.
Why You Should Listen: This has a lot of the qualities we love in our indie rock around here.
Overall Thoughts: Definitely wanted to highlight this one, as it's a great little slice of shoegazey indie rock that reminds me of Field Mouse at their best. A good listen, this record has a number of addictive moments you don't want to miss.
Recommendation: Not something you want to sleep on.

Of note:

* The Whiffs - Another Whiff (Great power pop.)
* Gino and the Goons - Rip It Up (Solid garage rock.)
* Jack Larsen - Mildew (Don’t sleep on “Spirit” or “Bubba”)
* Nutrients - Nutrients
* Anna Nalick - The Blackest Crow
* ShitKid - [DETENTION]
* Nolan the Ninja - ILLPHORIA 2
* If You're Going to the City: A Tribute to Mose Allison
* Anna Ash - L. A. Flame
* Giants Chair - Prefabylon
* Courtney Barnett - MTV Unplugged Live in Melbourne
* Emily Yacina - Remember the Silver
* Ings - Lullaby Rock
* The Root Out - Belgrade


* Labor Hex - Nothing is Real
* Little Boots - Hands: Unplugged
* Rachel Sumner - The Things You Forgot
* Iggy Azalea - Wicked Lips
* Winter - Hazy
* Caroline Says - Ohio River EP
* Lapsley - These Elements EP


* The Pom-Poms - I Was On the News
* Lafawndah - Ancestor Boy II


* Lee "Scratch" Perry - Heavy Rain
* Czarface - The Odd Czar Against Us
* Scissorfight - Doomus Abruptus Volume 1

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