Thursday, December 12, 2019

Ken's Best of 2019 - #4: STL GLD - The New Normal

The New Normal was, by far, my most played album of 2019. It possibly only slipped down from my #1 spot for the year because my eighteen month old became fairly obsessed with STL GLD, in particular 2017's "Wild Style." Considering how much I've listened to STL GLD this year, the fact that I still choose to put The New Normal on for myself is a testament to how solid this album is.

The New Normal is solidly a hip hop album, but it contains elements of just about every modern music style, including rock, R&B, and indie/ambient. It contains a who's who of Boston hip hop as guest stars, including Oompa, Cliff Notez, and Latrell James, and even brings in indie musician Ghost Grl for a song. It's impossible to ignore the politics of the album, but, much like Public Enemy, you'll just get sucked in by the music even if political music isn't your thing. This album is an absolute masterpiece, and should be getting far more national attention.

Songs of note: "The New Normal Pt. 1," "With Me," "Chaka Zulu," and "Ignorance is Bliss"

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