Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Heather Valley - "Ohio River"

Last month we called Heather Valley's single "Lovejoy" to be the height of country. And that was true based on lyrical content, although her indie/country blend is hardly traditional. Her latest single, "Ohio River," is even further than traditional country. Sure, the song has some strong country elements, but it's closer to the Pixies with a quiet dream pop chorus juxtaposed with some heavy grunge guitar filled choruses. 

According to a press release: "The song is set on February 14, 2018. Valley was in Cincinnati recording. They would wake up late in the afternoon, travel to the studio in an abandoned factory in the North End by dusk, record for hours, and walk the abandoned streets after that. The Ohio River had flooded. The flags were at half mast in mourning over Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting. It was a time of fantasy and infatuation. She had to leave the next day but wanted to hold on to the night."

You can watch the video for "Ohio River" below. Desert Message, the debut album from Heather Valley, is out now. For more on Heather Valley, check out her website.

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