Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Jeff's Best of 2019 - #1: The Wolff Sisters - Queendom of Nothing

I knew I'd love Queendom of Nothing when I heard it was coming out. I knew I'd love some songs when I saw them this past summer. I didn't expect to adore this album the way I did over the last portion of the year.

"Drive," in and of itself, is a killer track. I didn't believe anything they did could top "Down by the Lake" from their also-wonderful debut, but "Drive" comes close. The remaining seven tracks continue along the same dusty road, with gorgeous harmonies and a surprising lack of filler material. The band felt like they were coming into their own for their debut full-length, but this is an album from a band that seems like they're coming into their own and understanding the power they wield.

The Wolff Sisters should be one of the biggest acts in folk/Americana right now, and hopefully they're able to break out of the northeast and become the huge act they should be. For now, it can still be our greatest kept secret of 2019.

Songs of note: "Drive," "Lie Lie Lie," "Burn Out."

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