Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Ken's Best of 2019 - #1: Stef Chura - Midnight

Stef Chura's Messes came very close to cracking my top 10 of 2017, and I always wish that it could have. As highly anticipated as her follow up, Midnight, was, I couldn't predict how much it was going to completely blow me away. While Messes was and still is a truly great record, Midnight expands on that while branching out in completely different and unexpected directions. A song like "Method Man" is a perfect example. While Chura has always played with while dismantling the standard singer/songwriter template, "Method Man" keeps the barest bones of the genre while turning it into this huge indie rock song with this meandering guitar that holds it all together until it flames out towards the end. Midnight is the perfect example of an artist growing in such an unexpected but compelling way. Plus, the album ends with a Billy Idol cover, and that's always a good thing.

Songs of note: "Method Man," "All I Do is Lie," "Sweet Sweet Midnight," and "Eyes Without a Face"

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