Monday, December 16, 2019

Tysk Tysk Task - "Yeah, Right"

Is there anything better than discovering a new band and then they immediately release new music? We just brought you Tysk Tysk Talk from Lowell, MA a couple of weeks ago, and they have a new single (not that it's possible to have burnt yourself out on their discography yet). "Yeah, Right" is this wonderfully bizarre/mostly straightforward indie rock song. It's kinda sludgy and incredibly intense. It's like if you put The Melvins and The Breeders in a blender and then threw in some harmonica. Not to sound like the old guy I am, but this is the kind of indie rock that just doesn't get made these days, and I've really missed it. It's noisy and definitely not always an easy listen, but it's as compelling as it could possibly be. I know I'm making it sound like a challenging noise rock song, and sure, in some parts, it kind of is, but there are also some odd little hooks hidden in there.

You can listen to "Yeah, Right" below. The song is currently available on Tysk Tysk Task's Bandcamp. For more on Tysk Tysk Task, check them out on Facebook.

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