Friday, December 6, 2019

Ken's Best of 2019 - #8: Priests - The Seduction of Kansas

For their 2019 album The Seduction of Kansas, Priests toned down the noise from their 2017 album Nothing Feels Natural for a more dance leaning sound. That is typically the fastest way for me to lose interest, but considering I'm putting The Seduction of Kansas as my #8 album of 2019, it obviously didn't turn me off.

That's because The Seduction of Kansas doesn't lose any of Priests's edge despite having a more palatable sound. And it's still plenty edgy and weird: It doesn't take much to be more pleasant sounding than Nothing Feels Natural. "Jesus' Son" is still a guitar driven song, even if it's easy to dance to. The title track may be a straight up disco jam, but it's a dark, not exactly non-discordant one. Priests may be the only band to ever get more mainstream and weird at the same time.

Songs of note: "Jesus' Son," "The Seduction of Kansas," "I'm Clean," and "Good Time Charlie"

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