Monday, December 9, 2019

Jeff's Best of 2019 - #7: Cherry Glazerr - Stuffed and Ready

Cherry Glazerr was one of my earliest favorites this year, with the only song I really and truly kept on repeat for much of the year in “Wasted Nun.” What made this better than their previous efforts? I couldn’t tell you for sure, but there was a polish here that was lacking before, the songwriting (which has always been the strength of this act) felt tighter, the themes more pronounced.

I truly couldn’t get enough of this. Loud and unapologetic without lacking something to say, it didn’t wear out its welcome for me and still hasn’t. I’m very glad this album exists, and I think CG has become one of my favorite current acts in the process.

Songs of note: “Wasted Nun,” “Ohio,” “Stupid Fish”

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